What is the Difference Between Digital Marketing and SEO?

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and SEO could be considered to be the same thing; but they are two separate entities. Many people still refer to both of these roles as if they have the same function and they are not far off in reality. A digital marketing professional is a consultant who will extend the reach of SEO strategies to benefit the company being represented. There is even some who say that modern SEO specialists must be able to do a little bit of everything and maybe it should be called something like integrated digital marketing.

What’s the Difference Between a Digital Marketing Manager and an SEO Specialist

In some instances, there really are not a lot of differences between these two roles. And a lot of times, both of them will perform the exact same functions and even have the same skill set; however they may use different titles just for clarity and marketing purposes. An SEO specialist is a person who has the skills, experience and knowledge to optimize a site in order to improve its ranking in search engine result pages (SERPS). In order to optimize a site or page, he will employ a wide variety of SEO best practices and strategies. One of the main focuses is to increase traffic to the site.

A digital marketing professional will manage an SEO campaign along with several other areas indicating that SEO is a tool used in a digital marketing campaign. An SEO specialist may use various strategies and techniques on a campaign such as content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and even mobile marketing; but a digital marketing professional may use these as well as other media sources such as TV, SMS, Radio, and Billboards. To sum up the difference in the two is to say that the SEO professional is working on obtaining organic visits where the digital marketing professional is increasing the online presence of a company which expands beyond and SEO campaign. This is a difficult line to define as the two can frequently overlap.

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing and SEO

Some say that SEO is dead, but this could not be further from the truth. There is a lot more to an SEO campaign than building links. It’s about constructing high quality websites which are indexed and ranked highly by search engines; but that are also user friendly. Sites have to be seen as valuable to both human eyes and web crawlers – that’s the job of the SEO. Digital marketing incorporates the use of SEO best practices but works to use available and reasonable means to increase and improve an online presence in order to reach consumers; hopefully before competitors do. This is the goal of a digital marketing strategy.

Marrying SEO and Digital Marketing

Integrating these two sets of strategies can be complimentary to both. When SEO best practices and digital marketing are integrated properly the two will not only complement the other; but they will help to reinforce other strategies and end up with a much greater impact. By combining the two into one huge campaign it can also have the effect of making the entire marketing process much more consistent even though different mediums are being used. The Two working together can essentially be more effective at meeting overall marketing objectives as well as working together to increase the bottom line of the business. By integrating online SEO practices with online and offline digital marketing strategies, a campaign can become very effective, increase ROI and bring a very cohesive and consistent professional presence to consumers. This helps connect the business with the consumer and established the brand more firmly in their minds.

What is the Definition of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing strategy
Digital Marketing

In the simplest of terms, digital marketing is promoting products, brands, reputation or services through one or more types of electronic media. One of the biggest advantages to using digital marketing over more traditional forms of marketing is that marketing campaigns can be analyzed in real time to see what is working and not working. A digital marketing company can monitor what is actually being viewed, how often it is viewed, as well as how long it is viewed. Through the use of digital marketing analysis, companies can even tell what types of content works or does not work and even the specifics of sales conversions. In most cases when the term digital marketing is used people think about the internet or websites, but there are also many other channels and that can be used such as wireless text messaging, mobile apps, Podcasts, electronic digital television, or mobile instant messaging.

The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a form of digital marketing and they are not synonymous. Internet marketing does incorporate the use of many digital channels such as SEO, advertising or email marketing. But digital marketing goes past what just the Internet can provide and includes many other digital or electronic devices. Continue reading “What is the Definition of Digital Marketing?”

Types of Content

Content is king

There is really no doubt that creative content is essential to a web marketing campaign. Many businesses already maintain regular blogs as part of their marketing strategies and most are starting to lean more toward social integration. These can be very useful components of a strategic campaign; but if you are using the same kind of content over and over it is most likely just as boring to your audience as it has become to you. It’s important to note that there are a variety of content options available and by using a good mix you can keep your audience engaged and stimulated. It is important then to know about the major types of online content in order to diversify marketing efforts and successfully reach a diverse audience. Continue reading “Types of Content”

Good Content is King

Fresh Fruit
Fresh Content Basket

The phrase, “Content is King” was applicable to printed materials even before the Internet. Today, as online content has begun to dominate print content, most web marketing specialists still hold that content is king. Basically, no matter what type of medium is being used solid content is still the heart of the matter. Content is the central part of marketing and SEO campaigns and without it, being found online just isn’t going to happen. There are many ways that content contributes to a successful marketing or SEO campaign and adds value to a site.

Content Builds Customer Loyalty

Too many times inexperienced SEO professionals build campaigns around first-time or unique visitors. While this is an important aspect of the campaign and essential to growth, businesses cannot be well established based on first-time visitors. Successful companies do not make their money from a single visit by a first-time customer. The real money is made by consumers who choose to return over and over again. A good example is the Wall Street Journal who has made their money from people who have read their content and decided that it was interesting and good enough to purchase the paper again, or subscribe. The Wall Street Journal would not be the giant it is today (both online and off) if they relied on getting a new customer to purchase the paper every time. Continue reading “Good Content is King”