About NetLZ

NetLZ Consulting is a vibrant  SEO firm in New Jersey.  Be sure to keep NetLZ on your radar screen.  Web marketing is one of their many specialties.  The team of expert marketing specialists are keenly aware of the potential online marketing has.  When you combine the knowledge and creativity NetLZ’s development team has, it’s easy to understand why they have been so successful and continue the trend upwards in the online and digital marketing world.

Our strategic approach often uses Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO),social media optimization, web advertising, email, and text.  NetLZ can create a digital footprint that will absolutely increase the visibility a client had prior to seeking NetLZ’s services.

Marketing Services Offered Through NetLZ

There are countless online marketing and digital marketing services that NetLZ can offer customers.  The combined use of search engines listed above and niche expertise are sure to take any organization higher in rank in search engine results.  Besides adding their expert  SEO  input, they visually enhance client sites that will grab viewer’s attention before they start reading the content within the site.

The experts at NetLZ aim to design and market websites in such a way that search engine webcrawlers can easily find the website, display it in search engine result pages (SERP), and easily be found.  That being said,  it’s easy to see that NetLZ can build an effective digital marketing program with all the most current tools and strategies.  Many folks think of a online marketing plan being viewed on their home computer or laptop.  With the widespread and continual growth of mobile personal devices, a successful online marketing plan will include provisions and techniques to effectively and efficiently reach all device users.

The experts and specialists are experienced in social media marketing and platforms like: Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.  Their thought process is to build marketing campaigns that can easily be found in multiple places.  This is accomplished by NetLZ doing research to find the effective placement of client material.  Without the proper logistics, the most effective sights will not get the same results that NetLZ will.  Material placement is a segway into traffic flow.  The famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams  is “build it and they will come”.  The specialists at NetLZ have taken an adaptation of that famous quote.  They strive to build and market websites that are magnetic and that rank high in search results. Their dedicated and passionate approach to SEO excellence will show in the client’s ROI (Return on investment). NetLZ serves all businesses and industries with the promise of superior service.  This attests to the adaptability and flexibility the experts at NetLZ posess.  They are a fresh organization that pulls on the past but builds for the future.  Because of the futurist approach, they keep clients for life.

The NetLZ Team

The CEO and founder of NetLZ is Moshe Zchut.  Mr. Zchut received his Bachelor’s Degree in both Math and Computer Science along with a minor in physics from Tel-Aviv University which is located in Israel.  Moshe is a certified electronic engineer with more than 15 years of practical experience developing hardware and software.  He has been a consultant for multiple companies that develop web based systems and applications.  Over the 10+ years, Moshe Zchut continued his consulting sharing his expert knowledge in the SEO and digital marketing field.  Besides Mr. Zchut, his associates are all experts in the field.  They are well rounded with both education and customer service skills.