SEO is an Art

SEO is an ever changing world there’s no doubt. There was a time a few years ago when the SEO specialist worked diligently to figure out the “secret formula” for getting sites to rank high in the SERPs. For a long time SEO best practices were built around finding the right keyword density, building links from high ranking sites, image optimization, etc. But that was when SEO was considered a science and all the boxes in the forms just needed to be filled out. Today, SEO has made a shift from this type of pseudo-science to being more of an art form. It’s no longer a formulaic endeavor with well defined steps to follow. You cannot “do SEO” one time and then walk away and realize success. It takes a multitude of ongoing tactics, skills and strategies to get a site to rank. Continue reading “SEO is an Art”

5 Tips to Improve Your SEO

It’s sort of funny how you start a website and have no knowledge of how they work and then suddenly you are thrown into this unknown world.  People that don’t have websites don’t realize how beneficial they are, but they also don’t realize they are hard work.  This IS something you can just throw together, but chances are you won’t have very good results.  It takes time, some money, a lot of knowledge and a lot of luck to get a website up and running and to keep it running.  You need to not only rely on things like good design and good content; you need to rely on other things like SEO.  Maybe before you had a website, you had no idea what SEO is, but by now you are probably pretty immersed in this subject.  Still, things are ever changing in the SEO world and there are always more things, new things or quick things you can do to improve your SEO – website ranking.  If you are looking for a few new options to improve your SEO, or you want to improve it quickly, check out some of the tips below. Continue reading “5 Tips to Improve Your SEO”

SEO Today

SEO Rank
SEO elements

We are all aware that the only thing about SEO that is constant is that it is continuously changing. This is due to the fact that Google and the other major search engines are always changing and tweaking the search algorithm in an attempt to improve search results for users. Of course this means that updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have the SEO specialists running to keep up. But for those who observe SEO best practices there is still a lot of consistency with maybe a few tactical changes here and there. SEO practices that worked before the release of the Hummingbird update still work. That means that we should all continue pursuing strong strategies like:

  • Creating engaging and original content
  • Legitimate and relevant backlinks that are earned and not purchased
  • Using keywords to enhance content without overdoing it

The biggest change we may notice is the way that Google uses the new algorithm to interpret and deliver search results. Continue reading “SEO Today”

How Does Defensive SEO Work?

Defend Against Negative SEO
Defend Against Negative SEO

Over the last two or three years the entire SEO world has gone through what most would call a major transformation. This has caused digital marketing experts and SEO specialists to have to rethink and change a variety of strategies. It is true that it is now more difficult to rank high in the SERPs than what it used to be. Many think that many of the negative SEO campaigns that have begun emerging are a result of black hat SEO tactics that no longer work. Negative SEO campaigns attack competitor’s sites and cause damage to their site ranking and in many cases can cause a site to fall off the first few pages of the SERPs altogether. The good news is that there are some strategies that can help you prevent the negative effects of such an attack, and there are ways to protect your site from coming under attack in the first place. Continue reading “How Does Defensive SEO Work?”

How to Predict Results from SEO

Successful SEO
Successful SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) employs a wide variety of strategies that are designed to improve a site’s ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Over the years,  there has been a lot of manipulation of search results and the search engines have responded by upgrading their algorithms. These updates are designed to penalize those who abuse the system and use black hat or spammy methods to obtain a higher ranking in the SERPs. Some strategies like buying links, cloaking and keyword stuffing were commonplace and in many cases did help improve a site’s ranking. But these types of practices are considered black hat now and can get a site penalized so badly that they fall off the result pages altogether. By using SEO best practices and ethical strategies a site can obtain a ranking near the top of the SERPs. But since it’s not an exact science, is there any way to predict the results? Continue reading “How to Predict Results from SEO”

Best Practices for Online Review Sites

Local SEO best practicesCustomer reviews can be a powerful tool for businesses of every sort. As a consumer, when you are considering a new restaurant or looking to purchase a new product you may look at reviews to help you make your choice. People are very social as a general rule and tend to put a lot of credibility in feedback that is provided by other consumers rather than claims offered by the business itself. Stats indicate that nearly 75% of today’s consumers trust online reviews at least as much as receiving a personal recommendation.  Studies also indicate that over 90% of those who conduct an online research which includes perusing business review sites end up purchasing from the businesses they find. However, nearly 90% of the small businesses which participated in surveys indicate that they do not actively use consumer review sites. Reviews can be very beneficial when they are completed by consumers. Continue reading “Best Practices for Online Review Sites”

Why do SEO Campaigns Fail?

It can be frustrating to realize the SEO campaign you’ve been working on is simply not meeting its objectives. Failed SEO campaigns are not just limited to unknowing individuals who are trying to save a buck and run their own campaign. There are companies and knowledgeable people who set out to design an SEO campaign for clients only to find out that it did not achieve what it was designed to do. An SEO campaign requires a lot of research in a lot of areas over a long period of time. There are three very basic reasons behind failed SEO campaigns. Addressing these three areas specifically can improve the success rates of future SEO campaigns.
Continue reading “Why do SEO Campaigns Fail?”

What is an expert?

Branding strategy
Branding strategy

Becoming an expert in your field has become a very important part of SEO and establishing your online business presence. When you are established as an expert in your field, you gain the trust of your clients and site visitors. You are more likely to be recommended by others who see you as an expert. The primary way to be recognized as an industry expert is basically to get yourself out there. By sharing what you know on industry related topics, you will increase your visibility and build an online community around you. It is important to know how to leverage your expertise in order to help your brand have a further reach. There are some methods that are considered to be good on page or off page SEO strategies. Here are a few to use to help establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Continue reading “What is an expert?”

What is the Difference Between Digital Marketing and SEO?

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and SEO could be considered to be the same thing; but they are two separate entities. Many people still refer to both of these roles as if they have the same function and they are not far off in reality. A digital marketing professional is a consultant who will extend the reach of SEO strategies to benefit the company being represented. There is even some who say that modern SEO specialists must be able to do a little bit of everything and maybe it should be called something like integrated digital marketing.

What’s the Difference Between a Digital Marketing Manager and an SEO Specialist

In some instances, there really are not a lot of differences between these two roles. And a lot of times, both of them will perform the exact same functions and even have the same skill set; however they may use different titles just for clarity and marketing purposes. An SEO specialist is a person who has the skills, experience and knowledge to optimize a site in order to improve its ranking in search engine result pages (SERPS). In order to optimize a site or page, he will employ a wide variety of SEO best practices and strategies. One of the main focuses is to increase traffic to the site.

A digital marketing professional will manage an SEO campaign along with several other areas indicating that SEO is a tool used in a digital marketing campaign. An SEO specialist may use various strategies and techniques on a campaign such as content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and even mobile marketing; but a digital marketing professional may use these as well as other media sources such as TV, SMS, Radio, and Billboards. To sum up the difference in the two is to say that the SEO professional is working on obtaining organic visits where the digital marketing professional is increasing the online presence of a company which expands beyond and SEO campaign. This is a difficult line to define as the two can frequently overlap.

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing and SEO

Some say that SEO is dead, but this could not be further from the truth. There is a lot more to an SEO campaign than building links. It’s about constructing high quality websites which are indexed and ranked highly by search engines; but that are also user friendly. Sites have to be seen as valuable to both human eyes and web crawlers – that’s the job of the SEO. Digital marketing incorporates the use of SEO best practices but works to use available and reasonable means to increase and improve an online presence in order to reach consumers; hopefully before competitors do. This is the goal of a digital marketing strategy.

Marrying SEO and Digital Marketing

Integrating these two sets of strategies can be complimentary to both. When SEO best practices and digital marketing are integrated properly the two will not only complement the other; but they will help to reinforce other strategies and end up with a much greater impact. By combining the two into one huge campaign it can also have the effect of making the entire marketing process much more consistent even though different mediums are being used. The Two working together can essentially be more effective at meeting overall marketing objectives as well as working together to increase the bottom line of the business. By integrating online SEO practices with online and offline digital marketing strategies, a campaign can become very effective, increase ROI and bring a very cohesive and consistent professional presence to consumers. This helps connect the business with the consumer and established the brand more firmly in their minds.