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Eugene Aronsky

Eugene Aronsky

Eugene Aronsky is a Sr. SEO Specialist in Boston.  Eugene has over 10 years of experience working in the SEO field and is an expert at designing SEO campaigns that get results, content marketing and social media marketing.  He has worked on 100’s of SEO campaigns for many types of businesses and has been successful at getting his clients to rank higher in search results.

SEO Experience

Mr. Aronsky joined NetLZ in 2007 as an SEO Specialist.  He is a social media marketing and content marketing expert, he designs and executes internet marketing campaigns that get results.  As a Boston based SEO Eugene uses a diverse quiver of tools to chive results.  Eugene works one-on-one with every client he has.  He makes sure each one of them has a tailored SEO strategy that will achieve and exceed the client’s expectations.  He develops various types of digital marketing programs that incorporate his SEO expertise.  Eugene takes his role as an SEO specialist and program manager seriously   He takes a hands on approach to make sure every project meets the high expectations that he sets for himself and the rest of the organization.

Great Content

Great Content

Eugene is a leading content marketing expert in the SEO community, he manages and oversees a large team of writers who supply content for the various blogs he manages as well as a team of interns who help promote this content on social media platforms to increase engagement.  Eugene manages over 2 dozen active blogs as well as many other content related platforms, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and much more.

His spectrum of clientele includes; contractors, lawyers, and educators. The diverse background of his clientele is testimony to his expert ability to successfully develop any marketing campaign and implement it.  He also specializes in “crisis management” and the protection of online reputation.  It only takes a few mis-worded statements to bring down a reputation that may have taken years to build up.  Mr. Aronsky can help prevent that from taking place.

We Compare Books

We Compare Books is a website founded by Eugene Aronsky.  This was an online book comparison site which ran from 2007-2015, at which point Eugene had to take it offline.

As the founder of We Compare Books Eugene oversaw the “We Compare Books” site, and managed all the administrative details, payroll, site maintenance, and miscellaneous items that are part of running a successful operation.  One of Mr. Aronsky’s strengths is his sense of entrepreneurship.


Seton Hall University,

Seton Hall University,

Mr. Aronsky  received his undergraduate degree from Carlow University where he obtained a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Business and Philosophy.  He went on to obtain an two Master’s Degrees at Seton Hall University, located in South Orange, New Jersey.  One of his Master’s Degrees is in International Relations with a specialization in Middle Eastern Studies and the other Master’s Degree is in Public Administration.

Other Interests

When Mr. Aronsky is not working as an SEO Consultant, or wearing one of the many other hats he has, he can be found doing multiple activities.  One of his favorite activities is that he is an avid reader and enjoys reading across a very large range of topics. Outside of his successful SEO world, he is very knowledgeable and interested in International Relations.  His main areas of interest include history, international affairs, and politics.

Contact Information

If you would like Mr. Aronsky to market your website or assess its capabilities, you can reach him at 617-997-7089 or email him at  He would be happy to hear from you.

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