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Marketing Firm in New Jersey – Premiere Creative – Featured Client

Premiere Creative
Premiere Creative

Premiere Creative is a well established, professional marketing firm in New Jersey who specializes in combining Web 2.0 platforms with traditional advertising to create effective marketing campaigns for their clients. Their unique methods do not discard traditional media types; but rather incorporates them along with web marketing strategies. The web design company has been very successful at designing integrated campaigns which have a higher ROI for clientele. Premiere Creative has been in business for over 15 years and they have serviced over 250 clients. Some of their more notable clients are very familiar names such as Disney, Whole Foods, Marvel and Lipper.

Partners in Marketing

Premiere Creative views their role as a marketing partner with the businesses they represent. Their goal is to help clients build a larger base of customers, which of course equals more profits. Their experience includes small businesses all the way to some business giants. Specialists will create a marketing campaign that is specifically designed for each business. This unique approach is essential for a business and means that they will not use a one-size-fits-all format. Marketing specialists carefully consider every advertising option from across the board, Web 2.0 to traditional media and combine these two platforms to build one marketing campaign that will be productive and profitable for the business. Each campaign is carefully designed depending on what will bring each business the greatest success.

Types of Media

Traditional media may include any of the standard forms of communication whether it is broadcasting or print. They can make effective use of many forms of traditional media such as copywriting, content marketing, and direct mail. They do not simply choose one method to carry out their strategies. They offer multichannel marketing and offer several means by which customers can come in contact with a business’ product or services. This is effective advertising at its best.

Web design specialists can also use various methods and strategies available using the latest in web 2.0 platforms. They are experts at choosing which marketing strategy is best for a particular business. Even in online strategies they will use several effective means to make companies more visible to their potential customers. Social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing may be among the chosen avenues. They will also use the best SEO practices. Then they will use site tracking a metrics analysis to make sure that each of these is meeting, and surpassing, the desired goals.


One of the company’s main marketing strategies is branding. They will strategically build a foundation for a campaign which can bring a company or business success. They believe that positioning is essential to a successful branding campaign. Each marketing campaign is geared towards planting a company’s product or service into customer’s minds.

Generating Leads

At Premiere Creative, there is one common goal for each marketing campaign: driving traffic to the business. This may mean that they drive to a physical location, website, or use any other point of contact. The team believes that having a web presence can be your main sales professional. One reason web development is so important is that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – every day of the year. Using various web 2.0 based platforms can be one of the easiest and least expensive ways to maximize ROI and raise the levels of profit.


In order to achieve the highest level of enterprise, each business will need to have a clear strategy, plan of action and follow through. It is important that designers know and identify the purpose and goals for a business. This way they can develop and create a successful plan using every mean available. They are intent on engaging in a successful marketing campaign for each business they represent.

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