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Create a Content Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing Strategy

Some people might be under the assumption that creating content is as easy as 1-2-3. Unfortunately, it’s not always this easy, even if we wish it was. In fact, content marketing has a whole bunch of steps, rules and guidelines. But, if you follow through on these steps, rules and guidelines, you just might be one up on your competition and finding the success that you always dreamed about. So while it might not be as easy as 1-2-3, it’s definitely got its benefits in the long run. Despite all the various changes on the internet, including Google hammering out some kinks on the search engine, one thing is still true on the Internet: Content is STILL king. You just need to know how to create the content, where to market it and how to market it. Here below is somewhat of a checklist to help you along the way.

Cutting Corners:

If you have had a presence on the Internet for a while now, you have probably heard the line “Quality, not quantity” and this still stands true today… for all sorts of reasons! One of the biggest things you need to remember about content marketing is that it doesn’t matter if you made 5000 posts in 2014, if they all were crap. Instead, you need to create quality content. Not just quality content that looks and sounds good, but is also relevant to what your business is about. It doesn’t matter if you are doing article marketing or blogging; your content HAS to be readable. It should NOT have errors or be misaligned. And you definitely should not be writing blog posts about Slinky’s when your business is about cars. Just try to be relevant and professional. If you cannot write properly or have run out of ideas on what to write about – do yourself a favor and hire a writer or better yet a writer with an SEO background or an SEO firm SEO Firm in NJ that has a writer. Either or.



Some people have no idea when to write a new blog. Some people over do it and write 2-5 blogs a day every single day. First off, this is going to burn you out if you are writing it yourself. If you are hiring someone to write it for you, unless you are Bill Gates, it’s going to cost you a financial downfall. Second off, you want to seem interesting to your readers, but you also want to lure them in. Make them hungry for the next post. These days, most people will tell you that they used to post a lot of blogs in the past and then tested a new timeline and posted one post every 3 days and it worked better for them. In truth: It works differently for every website, every business and every blog. So before you go all Stephen Spielberg and pre-write 1000 blogs, set up a plan. Try the minimalistic approach (a few blogs a week), the maximalist approach (1 blog 2 times a day) and the neutral approach (1 blog every 3-5 days). See which one works the best for you!



Once you figure out the timing, create a schedule and stick to it. This goes with any marketing or business tasks online. When you have a schedule, you tend to stick with it no matter what pops up during your day. If you do, however, have a really hectic day or you tend to skip things even when they are written down, find someone who can keep the schedule up for you. Most writers and Top SEO firms will not only write the content for you, checking titles, spelling, keyword density and grammar, but they will also post the content for you. You could even write the content yourself and have someone else post it. Or have someone else write it and you post it. Whatever works out best for you and your daily activities.


Previous Content:

If you have previous content written on your blog, why not look to that content for analytical information? Which posts got the most views? Which posts made people stay the longest to read the post? Did you have a certain blog that got a lot of attention and comments? What was the post about? How many words was it? Did it include any videos, links, and pictures? If you look at old information, you can then recreate posts that are similar in architecture, but different in content and get really amazing results.


Content Ideas:

Let’s be honest, creating your own content, day in and day out, year after year can get boring and sometimes you run out of ideas. You have two options when it comes to this issue. You can hire a writer or you can hire a digital marketing company to help you come up with new ideas or even write the content for you while still being SEO friendly. Or you can look to your competitors. I’m not saying copy their work. That is just wrong. But, if you sell furniture and you have a competitor that also sells furniture and you go to his blog and he got a lot of comments and views and shares for a post called How To Decorate Your Living Room, why not create a post like this? How To Decorate Your Family Room, How To Create A Warm Atmosphere In Your Living Room, etc.

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