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How to Use Google+ for SEO

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Google+ can be a beneficial part of an SEO campaign. For those who are not yet using Google Plus, it is likely because they do not know how to take advantage of the platform or misunderstand the nature of Google+ and how it can improve SEO results. There are several different ways to strategically use Google+ for SEO purposes.

Google+ Content

Content on Google+ is treated by the search engine just like content that is on any other web page. Any content that is placed on Google+ will be indexed and can gain page rank as well as be listed in search results by Google. This can be very beneficial since about 2/3 of all searches in the United States take place on Google. It is essential to have your content searched and indexed. The posts made on Google+ will appear as search page results which manes that some of your audience may be able to find your Google+ content through a regular search on Google. The content will be online, gain in page rank, and appear in SERPs for a long period of time. It’s even possible for some of the posts to continue ranking indefinitely – even as long as a year. Most tweets only have about a 14 minute lifespan on SERPs so one year is really good real estate.

Google+ Authorship

Google+ allows users to claim authorship for articles or other content that have been produced. When an individual is logged into Google+ they are given the option of adding the author to their circles. They can do this directly from the search results. Authorship can provide individuals with search results which are much more visual. When a user validates their Google+ profile with the sites where they publish, it enables their image to appear next to their work in search results. This can cause more visual attention on the search result page. Google is also known to assign a higher profile, or ranking to content which is authoritative. When an author posts new content and it is shared and also receives some “plus ones” it can help lead to a higher authority. Some experts are saying that Google+ authorship can improve both the individual’s authority as well as their search performance.

Encourage +1s on Your Website or Blog

Just like many users use the “share” or “like” button on a website or blog to share information with facebook friends, they can also use the +1 button. It is important to include a +1 button on your website or blog in order to encourage shares. The total number of +1s on a page will also show up in the search results even when an individual conducts a search without being logged in to Google+. Install the latest code for +1 on your home page as well as individual pages. This allows site visitors to share your content.

Complete Profile Information

In order to optimize your Google+ account for SEO, be sure to fill out all the information on your profile and pages totally. Google does prioritize different areas of your profile for search results and on-page optimization. Completed profiles are always a good idea no matter what social platform is being used. It offers one more chance to be indexed, seen and ranked by search engines. It also helps other business personnel or colleagues who may be considering connecting with you. An incomplete profile may cause them to move on rather than connect. This is your opportunity to tell the world who you are and what you can do. It is an SEO best practice to complete profiles in their entirety.

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