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How to Use Google Plus for SEO

Google+ is the social network that Google runs, and it can be a great tool to use for SEO purposes since it has a couple of advantages over other social networks. First of all, Google+ ties all of the Google products together and this unification gives it an advantage over other social media networks. Another thing that makes Google+ more advantageous than even social giants like Facebook or Twitter is that these two in particular restrict some of the content shared from being accessed by Google search. Google+ will dominate search results even though the two most popular sites are used a lot more often.

There were also some changes that occurred with the Hummingbird update that makes Google+ an integral part of SEO strategies and online marketing. Google says that Plus is a service geared at connecting people online and it is designed in such a way that it will help increase a site’s rank in search engine results. Here are several ways that Google+ can be used to increase a site’s search optimization.


Four Ways to Take Advantage of Google+

In many cases, bloggers as well as content marketers can use their Google+ profile so that they establish authorship and all their content is sort of grouped together. By staying in a particular niche and providing high quality content that is relevant to specific categories, search engines will be able to identify an author as an authority inside that niche. In order to establish authorship in a niche it is essential to produce relevant, high quality content. Google+ is designed to improve the overall user experience by integrating content across social networks. But this requires that content always be relevant and accurate as well as kept up to date in order to be interesting to readers. Google has offered four basic tips for using Google+ for SEO purposes. These tips are essential for establishing authorship in a particular field or industry.

  • Always optimize a Google+ profile. This will reveal your information to any followers that are interested. Google+ has several fields that can be completed and to ensure the best results, it is a good idea to complete as many of them as possible. This includes adding a profile image. Failing to add an image basically makes you “anonymous.” Remember also that it is a good industry practice to use the same profile image for all your social network connections to provide consistency and improve branding efforts. Include your business details and description including the URL. It is also a good idea to have Google+ verified by Google as this can improve credibility.
  • Link your Google+ page to your website and your social media platforms. It is a good idea to add Google+ directly to your website as this makes it easier for your website to be directly associated with your Google+ profile when it comes to search. The snippet code from your Google+ page can also be used to connect to all of your social extensions as well as your AdWords campaign. Your Google+ badge on your content or the +1 button also helps for users to connect you to your social connections and your website.
  • Continue to post high quality content. It cannot be said enough that one key to connecting with the audience and establishing effective SEO strategies is providing high quality content on a regular basis. Content should always be useful and relevant to your human audience. By consistently providing quality content, you will make it easier for the search engines to help you achieve higher rankings in Google web searches as well as on Google+ search results.
  • Be engaged with your followers. Creating content that is dynamic and engaging is half the battle. A post will be engaging when it is useful to the readers. It should offer them some sort of solution for their problems. But just posting useful content and walking away is not going to be as effective as being engaged in the process yourself. Leave comments on conversations which are located on your Google+ page. This helps your readers connect with you which is at least as powerful as them connecting with your content. When you are engaged with followers it will be even more rewarding and relevant to their specific needs. And as we are finding out, when content is more relevant to followers, the search engines like it as well.

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