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Rules for Guest Posting

It is very likely that content will always be king; the web revolves around content. However, just producing any old content is not going to cut it in today’s competitive world. SEO and conten are connected since it takes SEO best practices to get content seen; and it takes quality content to enhance an SEO campaign. With all the changes that go on with search engine algorithms one requirement that does not change is the need for high quality content. Blogs are one of the most effective platforms for posting high quality content, and part of hosting a blog is obtaining guest posts from contributors who are relevant to the niche. As an established industry expert contributing guest posts to blogs that are industry related can be a great strategy to get you noticed. There are a lot of popular blogs which get inundated with requests offering guest posts every day. No matter which end of the equation you find yourself on, it is very important to know the attributes of a high quality guest post and what one should contain. Here are a few tips about guest posts to help explain the features of a great guest post.

Industry or Niche Relevance

In order for guest blog posts to be effective and noticeable, it is imperative that they be inside a particular niche or industry or at least relevant in some way. For instance, if you are a painting contractor, you might guest post for blogs pertaining to home improvement, interior or exterior painting, interior design or home remodeling. It is also possible to post on blogs that discuss areas that are pertinent to contractors such as hiring an accountant, financial planning or organizing a work crew. But blogs that are totally irrelevant should be avoided. It is better to make a post on a smaller blog that is relevant to your own niche or industry than to be on a larger blog which is not industry related.

Guest Blogging does not Equate to Article Submission

Guest blogging is totally white hat SEO when it is done properly but if it is done poorly, it is basically the same as spam. The problem with article directories is that the quality began to suffer as contributors began to write just keyword content and not pieces that were of interest to the readers. A poorly managed blog that contains less than quality posts is nothing more than an article directory which carries no weight in the world of SEO. It’s important to approach guest posting with the understanding that you are not just submitting an article, but instead you are writing purposeful content that is relevant and useful for the readers. Make sure to check the spelling and grammar and that the format is aligned properly. You will also want to make sure any links you use are not only relevant and work properly. If you are creating a guest post remember that your responsibility is to contribute content that will add value to the blog as well as to the readers.

Dealing with Blog Owners

Bloggers can receive numerous requests, present something to them that is worth their time. Always be respectful of their blog and their audience. Before guest posting do sufficient research so that you can present clear ideas that contribute to the quality of their blog. Once you have presented them with a relevant post, ask for feedback. Basically, just practice good manners when dealing with blog owners. Be polite, warm and friendly. Think of it like staying in someone else’s house and offer them due respect – it’s their space not yours. The online community is all about establishing and building relationships. If you offer a guest post and then walk away with no further contact you are basically sending the message that you have no interest in a relationship but were only looking for the exposure and the links. This is why it is important to follow up with at least a simple thank you note. This simple act of gratitude can lead to becoming a regular contributor which is beneficial for both parties. When applicable, you may also request that they submit a guest post on your blog as well.

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