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The Common SEO Questions Blog is written, edited and maintained by NetLZ Consulting using team of SEO experts to contribute and publish the material found on this website.

NetLZ a NJ web marketing company hosts the Common SEO Questions Blog was co-founded by Moshe Zchut. With degrees in math and Computer Science he is a highly qualified electronic engineer and web development specialist who has more than 20 years’ experience working in the diverse field of web marketing as well as various other capacities. He has been consultant for many different branches of technology including the medical and health fields. Much of his experience was obtained through working in various capacities in high-tech companies. Mr. Zchut is a successful hardware and software engineer in addition to being a professional SEO expert and has served as architect for different high tech systems. His degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science serve as a solid foundation as an electrical engineer. Moshe Zchut specializes in internet marketing and is an expert at search engine optimization and social networking. He has served as a consultant to different companies in the area of web application development and various web based systems. As the web continued to grow, Mr. Zchut began to offer expert consultation in the areas of web marketing and search engine marketing. These are the areas in which NetLZ specializes today.


The posts that are published by NetLZ on The Common SEO Questions Blog are written and edited very qualified SEO experts with years of experience in web marketing and SEO best practices.

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