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Is a New Blog Post Considered Fresh Content by Google?

Google has recently made changes to the algorithms that decide what websites come first in the organic search results. They are working to remove websites that have little or no content from the top of the search results. One of the changes has to do with the freshness of content. So, is a new blog post considered fresh content by Google? In the following, the answer to this question and many more will be answered.

Removing Spam from Organic Search Results

The new way that Google decides who should be at the top of search results includes many different key things. One of the things that it has made a point to try and catch and remove from rankings is content that is not original. The fresh content can now drive traffic to your website. Google made big steps to get rid of spam from the search results and, instead, find relevant custom content with keywords imbedded within.

Google Places

You can make your business easier to find by filling out your Places business listing as accurately and completely as you can. Basic information that Google Places wants about your business would be the firm name, phone number, and address. There is also a place to put your websites URL, e-mail address, hours of operation, payment options available, and a description. You will get even more out of adding videos and pictures to this.

Freshness Value

Google now inspects all your documents for relative freshness as well. You get a score according to the type of search. This may not affect some searches, but, most likely, when it comes to businesses, the freshness of the content will boost your search engine rank. To be considered fresh content, the work needs to be original and new. The freshness score is affected by the inception date, which slowly decays over time. The freshness score can boost results on some searches or drop you out of the top quickly.

Document Changes

Google can keep track of so many things. How much the document changes also directly influences the freshness. Google can keep track of what the document use to look like and compare what is there now to see how much it has changed. How often a document is changed also impacts the freshness of a document. When websites add new pages at a higher than average rate, it may earn itself a higher freshness score. It is also recommended that a website increase their page count by twenty five percent to make room for the creation of fresh content that is relevant.

Important and Unimportant Content

Google also differentiates between main body text and less important content. Google considers changes to navigation, advertisements, and badly written content as part of less important content. The important content is considered the main body’s text. A webpage that has an increase in link growth rate indicates a level of relevance to search engines. Google also pays attention to the freshness of the sites that are linked to yours. Links from pages with a higher freshness rank can boost your websites freshness even further.

Anchor Text

Anchor texts are also a big part of the puzzle. Anchor text is the actual text you click when you are clicking on a hyperlink. These words should describe the website that they are linking to. If they do not, Google gives no value to old links that do not describe what a website currently is. Google also pays attention to how long people stay on your site. It keeps track of whether the user looks at your site, and then uses the back button to find another Google search result as well. This behavior metrics score can help or hinder the placement on Google search.

Older Documents Rule

Google has also implemented an algorithm that will let older documents win position when they may actually help you more than more recent documents. This comes into play with things like history.

Google has many different ways of deciding whether content is fresh or not. If you want to know whether your new blog posts are considered fresh content, make sure that the freshness factor is good. This means that your blogs content is new and original and you are getting plenty of fresh backlinks from relevant fresh pages.


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