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Do I Need a Blog?

There are many different strategies that make up a successful SEO campaign, and blogging is just one of them.  A blog offers a platform which can be used to write on virtually any topic. There are about as many different varieties as any one person can imagine. A blog can offer an effective way to increase site traffic as well as providing a better user experience for visitors. The benefits of maintaining a blog by far outweigh the work that goes into it; and there are many benefits.

Connecting with Consumers

Even though there are a lot of blogs that are written about life from a personal perspective, a blog can be a beneficial tool for the business person. It can offer a great way to connect with consumers who are interested in your product or services. Not only can you provide much in depth information about your products, you can receive valuable feedback from consumers which can help you rethink many of your business techniques. Another benefit is that of improved customer service. Many times consumers will look through your website looking for answers to their own questions. By blogging on the main issues and posting them on the main company website consumers will be able to quickly find the information they need which can help reduce the number of calls and emails made to the support center. When blogging is done correctly it can be a tool used for increasing the number of new clients as well.

Create an Expert

For those business persons who really know their stuff, a blog can showcase their expertise for the world to see. It can boost the confidence of potential and present clients. By presenting useful and relevant information to consumers you will soon be known as an expert in your field. This helps consumers build interest as well as trust both of which are essential to forming a long lasting relationship. Once you have been established as one who has expertise in the field, the search engines will put you higher in the SERPs.

Original Content

No matter what medium we are using as far as online resources goes content is still king and it is likely to always be king. By keeping a blog updated regularly with fresh content the search engines will be happy. One thing search engines are looking for when ranking sites is fresh and relevant content. A blog can provide the perfect platform for both of these criteria. Blogging is a way to help keep customers informed about all the different products or services that are being offered.

Site Visitors

One of the main things that a business wants to see is visitors who stay on their site for longer periods of time. The truth is that the longer a visitor spends on the site, the more likely they are to make a purchase, call with a question, or engage in some other way. By maintaining an onsite blog, visitors are more likely to remain actively engaged for longer periods of time. Not to mention that it can be an effective tool for increasing site visitors or providing generic and relevant back links, depending on how the blog and the site are set up. Be sure to include links in the blog to relevant pages on your site. These links can help establish the credibility of the site, as well as increase its ranking in the SERPs. Each post should be equipped with widgets or buttons so that it is easily shared across the largest and most popular social media sites. It’s all about increasing traffic and keeping site visitors engaged with the site and the content.



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