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Education and Tutoring Schools

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Recommended Education and Tutoring Schools

Education is an important topic for the future of our children. Not only do they learn concrete facts about math, science, and language arts, they also gain valuable skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.

Various standardized tests (SAT, PSAT, ACT, ISEE, HSPT) will help them prove their skills, and show prospective education institutions what they’ve got. Test prep and tutoring are invaluable to performing well on these tests, even for kids who are doing well in school – they will learn test taking techniques and the formats of tests like the SAT and ACT. Learning to manage your time, the types of problems that will appear, and what to expect on the test in general will give students a huge advantage in scoring high. Scoring high leads to smoother college admissions, and that leads to getting into dream schools!

If your student has already taken one of these tests but wants to improve their score, look no further than local test tutors and test prep classes. They offer full-length mock tests as well as 1-on-1 and online tutoring, helping students to fine tune their strategies and realize their full potential.

Test Prep Tutoring and Schools

Educational Resource CenterSAT tutoring Livingston NJ
NYC High School PrincipalJulie Nariman
Say Hello CollegeCollege Planning Chicago
Mindfish tutoringTest prep courses Boulder CO
CATES TutoringSAT prep NYC
Crimson ReviewWayne PA SAT, ACT prep
Cornerstone Academic – SAT/ACT Alpharetta GA
IVY Education GMAT prep LA CA
Great College Advise – College Admission Advising CO

Tutors, Teachers and Educators

NYC High School Principal and EducatorJulie Nariman
NJ Top Educator and Special EdShari Duddy
Entrepreneur and Harvard School of Education GraduateChris Ajemian
Lehigh Valley PA top musician and educatorVince Pettinelli

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