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blind justice with online platform

It should come as no surprise that almost everyone in need of legal advice these days starts by searching online before speaking with an attorney. Moreover, approximately three-quarters of prospective clients check out a firm’s website before making any decisions.  Consequently, even the most established law firms need a strong online presence if they want to continue to grow their business.

In order for law firms to compete, they need web design that highlights their law practice areas while being mindful of the strict requirements for online promotion pertaining to the legal profession.  In many states, law firm websites fall under the heading of advertising, which is subject to regulation. In other words, a law firm website has to be informative and functional without running afoul of any legal advertising rules.

Law Firms and Social Media

Although social media platforms may not seem like the most likely place for law firms to gain business, they are actually are a great way for attorneys to network and reach out to potential clients. The trick is to know which platforms are the best for building awareness within the legal profession. And lawyers need to know that they can respond to requests for information although they cannot directly solicit business from potential clients.

SEO for Law Firms

In order to get found in online searches, lawyers need to promote both their firms and the specific practice areas that their law firm covers. For instance, they need to optimize their site with the appropriate legal terms as keywords, so clients in need of their area of expertise can find them.

Even with a well-developed SEO strategy, however, law firms still need to keep up with changes in the law regarding advertising and the legal profession. Regardless of whether their digital marketing agency knows the state bar rules, attorneys themselves are liable if their websites and their advertising are not in compliance.

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