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Search Engine Marketing NJ

Search engine marketing NJ in its most basic form is promoting your website to a certain population by increasing the site’s visibility in the major search engines and getting the site to rank high in search results. There are two main ways to accomplish this: organic search engine optimization or pay per click. The point of local SEMis to market the site to customers who live in a designated geographical region, such as New Jersey. Here are the basics of these two methods of SEM.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Each of the major search engines has its own complicated algorithm for determining the value or credibility of a website. There are several things the search engine crawlers are looking for. These are the items that SEO specialists will concentrate on: keywords, rich and fresh keyword rich content, site maps and back links.


The site’s content must be quality. This means that the search engines will be looking for fresh, keyword rich content that is useful for site visitors. This also includes the use of local tags where appropriate as well as keywords related to the primary business being promoted. Finding the proper balance is key to having content recognized by search engines as high quality.


Another very important feature of SEO and SEM is having links coming back to the main site from outside sources. Search engines look for links that are relevant. This is where the use of social media can come in handy as most social media platforms allow for “sharing” links and other information.

Pay Per Click SEM

The major search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo! let you choose keywords that are related directly to your business. You pay a fee for ads that are displayed when a user searches for the specific keywords you chose. The search engines place the ads depending on several factors such as the website’s quality and how much you are willing to pay for each click. The up side of this SEM tool is that you only pay when someone clicks on the ad; the down side is that when the money is gone – so is the traffic to your website.


Search engine marketing NJ targets customers specifically in this geographical location. Local SEM is designed to generate quality traffic who are interested in the services being offered to the site.  Search engine marketing for New Jersey residents encourages local traffic which is the type of traffic that can then be converted over to customers.

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