According to an estimate, there are as many as 1 billion websites, and each minute 70 new domains are registered, and more than 500 websites are created. In this age, where we have such a large plethora of websites, how will you ensure that your website has a successful future? Because of the supremacy of online business, and the development of websites on daily basis, many people ask this question that how they can make their website successful.

Most people focus primarily on the infographics of their websites because they think that the first impression is the last impression, and a good look will attract more and more people. In reality, it’s not just about information graphics but multiple things which need to be considered. If a person is looking for something on your website, and if he is unable to find that thing on your website in first few minutes, he will exit immediately.

If you want to make your website look beautiful, and if you want to improve its content, here is a list of 8 tips that you can follow to achieve the ends that you have in mind

Prominent Logo

A logo is the most important thing of your website, and the first thing any visiting person notices on your website is its logo. Therefore, whatever logo you are using for your website, it must be polished and prominent as well. You can place the logo of your website on the top, but many experts advise that the logo should be placed on the top left corner, and it must necessarily be a high-resolution image. Another important thing you need to do is that your logo should also function as a homepage button so that the visitors are able to return to the homepage easily.

Multiple Navigation Options

Instead of using one navigation option only, you should use multiple navigation options. For instance, you can place primary navigation options on the top of the homepage, and you can place secondary navigation options underneath the primary navigation options.

The navigation options on your website must necessarily be intuitive, which means that the visitors shouldn’t face any difficulty in deciding what to do, otherwise, they will quit the website immediately. Many instances suggest that most people just quit the website instead of figuring out what to do next. If you are looking for the web developing courses online, and if you want to save some money by getting some discount, then you can visit Groupon, where these courses are available at discounted prices.

Get Rid of Clutter

With tons of information available online, it is very easy to bombard your website with too many visuals as well as with too many options, but it will result in the visitor, unable to decide what to do, quitting your website immediately. The main goal of your website design must be to attract the focus of the visitor to what is a most important thing on the website, and for that matter, important things should be presented in contrast to other less worthy information.

If you want to narrow the focus of the website even further, you can do so by reducing the navigation options.

Enough Space to Breathe

Give the visitors enough space to breathe by adding the proper space between the images, visuals, and the textual information. If there is enough space on the website, the visitor will remain focused on the particular things on the website, on the other hand, if there is nothing but chaos on your website, it will be extremely hard for the visitor to pay attention to any particular item.

Use of Color

The color you choose for your website, it should be strategically chosen, and it should also match the overall theme of your website. It is better if you use light colors because light colors look more decent. Different shades of colors should also be added to the different parts of your website. For instance, the navigation bar must have different color shade than the other parts of the website.

It is even better if you use a color scheme which complements the color of the logo of your website.

Good and Professional Photography

High quality visuals and images attract more than any textual information can ever attract, therefore, it is better that you hire professional photographers for the pictures that you use on your website.

Selection of Fonts

Selection of fonts is also highly important, because different font sizes, as well as designs, are very difficult to read. Furthermore, many users use the internet on mobile devices, and if the font size of your website is small, it will look even smaller on the mobile phone, making the user quit immediately.

Responsive Design

Instead of developing different websites for different devices, you should make a website that is responsive to the devices. The responsive website will adapt to different browsers automatically.

This guest post was written by Lisa Myers, She works at Coupon Goo as a software engineer.

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