As the world has become more digital over the last few years, web design has become of much greater importance. Perhaps we have become used to the fluidity of the internet and the fact that it is constantly undergoing changes. These changes are of course attributed to the fact that the internet is also constantly growing and evolving. This can certainly make it difficult for various professionals such as the web designer. One way to make sure you are able to make the necessary transitions is to remain ever aware of the trends. Actually, trends in web design are relatively easy to predict for the coming year. Here are a few of the primary design trends you can expect to see in 2014.

Flat Design

One of the web design trends most experts agree on is the transition to a flat design. There was a period of time when the idea was to build a website using as many graphics as possible and throw in a few gradients and textures to mix it up. The goal was actually to give the site some depth. More recently the web design trends are leaning toward a minimalist approach. The goal now is to create a site that is not as distracting so that the user can concentrate more on the content. Using a flat design does not mean that the site will be boring. When it is done well, it will be aesthetically pleasing and attractive and achieve just the right balance between graphic design, calls to action and important page elements. The goal of creating a flat design is not just to achieve a more aesthetic appeal, but to reduce the visual clutter so that the user has a better experience since the focus is more on functionality.

Modern Typography

Fonts have a lot to do with how a site appeals to the visitor’s visual sense. There was a day when web design used a default font because some sites could not be viewed on some computers if the user did not have a specific font in their library. This was greatly limiting as far as the types of fonts that could be used on websites. This feature of web design has evolved over time and displays on computers and digital devices can distinguish a font’s style and size and accurately reproduce it. This allows for a lot more flexibility when it comes to creating a site and using fonts. In the next year, expressive typography will be one of the web design trends as it allows web designers to convey meaning, voice and tone using a specific font. Large fonts can mean that headers are more attractive, and using the right fonts for body copy can mean that user has a much better experience at reading it. However fonts are used in 2014 it is certain that web designers recognize how important typography is for conveying a brand’s message as well as improving usability.


In the not so distant past, users could become frustrated when trying to scroll through information. Sites were built using a navigation tree and each section of content had its own page. Although this was very organized, it had some down sides. For instance, users had to really look for information and there was usually a long period of waiting when loading more than one page. Thankfully, some of the web design trends that we’ll see emerging this year have solved this problem. Rather than having multiple page assets sites are trending toward a single-page design that does differentiate content by things like differences in color or typography as the user continues to scroll down the page. Users can also gain the desired information without having to scroll through endless pages as they can click on links that will automatically move the page down to the location which has the information they are looking for. This allows the user a much more pleasant experience and at the same time does not compromise the aesthetic appearance of the site. It’s a method that makes it easier for users of all levels to browse through information almost effortlessly. For those who include “infinite scrolling” in the site design, it is important to place the contact information so that it is easily found. Don’t make the users have to scroll forever to find out who is sharing information with them.

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