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What Does Google Know About Me?

The Internet works great when it comes to collecting information and putting the information into our command. The privacy that was once known in America is long gone, taken away by various different websites. Surprisingly, the biggest collector of information is Google. With so many services offered by Google, they are able to collect a large amount of data on users. Here is a taste of what Google knows about you and how they got the information.

Data Collection Services

Google collects information through its many services. Gmail sends what information it can find to Google for safe keeping. They even index and analyze the e-mails that you throw away. Why it collects this information is to serve as the relevant ads that Google presents you with. Google also collects information about what you buy, where you buy it, how much of it you buy, and how you pay for it. Google explains that this data is for the analytics and demographics data that can be derived from the material.

Powerful Data Collection Tools

If you own an Android Smartphone, you would be surprised what data Google has about you. They likely have your whole contact list, what phone numbers you called when, and even who you call often. On top of that, they have information stored about your Mobile network as well as your ISP. Chrome OS is another powerful data collection tool of Google.

So, What do They Have?

Google most definitely has your full name if you have signed up for any kind of service through them. They keep this information and store it for future reference. You physical street address is also likely known by Google. Your Google Maps could have shared this information, or services like AdSense or Checkout. Having a Gmail account grants Google your phone number. Google can tell when you are online, what your latest IP address was, and even your interests. Google gets information from Google Reader as well as your Google Bookmarks. Your bookmarks can contain a massive amount of information.


Google Web History and the Google Toolbar keeps track of every website that you go to. Google Notebook contains your “To Do” list. Google Calendar contains information about your most important appointments. Through your Gmail Contacts, Google gains information about everyone that you know. Gmail and Google Talk know what you are saying. Google finances keeps a record of what stocks that you own. Google has access to your bank account and your routing number.

Google Analytics

If you have a blog, Google Analytics is able to track a large variety of stats. Google knows when you publish a blog, how popular it is, and even who is reading it. By having personal pictures in Picasa Web Albums, Google knows what you look like. Google can plug your information into a search database and come up with every site that you have an account at.

Google’s Privacy Policy

Google’s Privacy Policy states that everyone’s privacy is important to them. They now only save 18 months worth of search data. This data is also completely anonymous. A large amount of data can be learned from behaviors online. By combining a large body of data with Google’s massive computer power, they can get an excellent idea of how to shape products that meet user’s needs.

Information Technology

Google gains more and more information from users every day. Questions about how big Google is allowed to get and whether the government needs to step in and regulate this overwhelming amount of data that gets collected should be on the tips of everyone’s tongues. Having this amazing collection of data is great, but if used by the wrong hands, the information could be used in a lot of different bad ways.

If you want to know what information Google has on you, it is easy to find out. The first step is to sign in to your account with Google. Once signed in, visit This will show you some of the information that they have collected about you already. Google is not going anywhere and their reign at the top of the internet world is just beginning. They are able to collect a large amount of data about the users of their products. Google knows more about you than you think.


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