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What is the Best Time of Day to Publish a Blog Post?

There are certain times and days that you can post your blog to be seen by the most people. After slaving away to complete a perfect blog post with an attention grabbing introduction and relevant, optimized content, pause for a second before you publish it. Maybe you should save it until a peak period of the week where you will get the most views. The time it is and the day of the week can both have a significant impact on the traffic you see. Take a little bit of time to understand some statistics about when your article will get the most views, and utilize it, making your investment that much more worth it.

Time of Day

Breaking the day down and analyzing traffic activity can help you get more comments and shares. The morning is when the most traffic is moving. Most people pick up their phones and scroll through the feed before they start their day. Four fifths of traffic comes at this time of day. There are different times of day that generally have high points in certain characteristics. For instance, 7 am is the time that the greatest number of inbound links gets posted. On the other hand, 9 am is about the best time to publish your blog. At this point of the day, the most comments are posted. While you see an increase in traffic, this is also a time of day that your readers are going to be most distracted by other noise in their social media circle.

Day of the Week

The day of the week can also make a difference in traffic. Most blogs get the highest levels of traffic on Monday. You tend to get more comments on Saturdays. Link building can be done best on either Monday or Thursday. Shares happen most often on Thursday as well. The day of the week can have an impact on many different parts of your blogs life.

Best Practices

Here are a few general rules to follow when it comes to posting on blogs.  You should always at least post one blog post a week to keep the data on your page fresh. Try to be consistent and publish your blog at about the same time and day every week. Make sure that your biggest focus is on creating quality content. Publish your articles between 8 and 11 am for the most shares on Facebook; publishing on the weekend will lead to more shares as well.

Publishing Schedule

There are a few general rules that you should probably follow to find yourself the best publishing schedule. You should try and at least post one blog post a week to keep fresh content on your page. If possible, set up a schedule and be consistent. Publish blog posts at roughly the same time every week. By making use of the information about the times of day and days of the week, you could plan your blog posts ahead of time. Create a group of articles that you want comments, and post them at the best possible time. Create blog posts that you want the most views on and save them for the busiest time of the week. Make sure you are focusing on creating the highest quality content that you can so those that do see your work will remember it.

The next time you are about to publish an article that you are extremely proud of, think about the time of day and day when you want to publish your work to the world. Know what goals you have for that blog. By using the data provided here, you can figure out what you can do to attain those goals. Remember, the best time to publish a blog is between 8 and 11 am on Monday to get the most page views. If you are only going to be posting one blog a week, this would be the time to do it. On Saturday from 8 to 11 am is a good time to increase relationships with users that are online.  When you have decided on the details of when to publish your article, you will hopefully start to see the desired reaction from those that come to look.

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