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Good Content is King

The phrase, “Content is King” was applicable to printed materials even before the Internet. Today, as online content has begun to dominate print content, most web marketing specialists still hold that content is king. Basically, no matter what type of medium is being used solid content is still the heart of the matter. Content is the central part of marketing and SEO campaigns and without it, being found online just isn’t going to happen. There are many ways that content contributes to a successful marketing or SEO campaign and adds value to a site.

Content Builds Customer Loyalty

Too many times inexperienced SEO professionals build campaigns around first-time or unique visitors. While this is an important aspect of the campaign and essential to growth, businesses cannot be well established based on first-time visitors. Successful companies do not make their money from a single visit by a first-time customer. The real money is made by consumers who choose to return over and over again. A good example is the Wall Street Journal who has made their money from people who have read their content and decided that it was interesting and good enough to purchase the paper again, or subscribe. The Wall Street Journal would not be the giant it is today (both online and off) if they relied on getting a new customer to purchase the paper every time.

It can be too easy to focus on obtaining first-time, or unique visitors rather than repeat visitors. But in reality, the successful blogs are getting most of their traffic from repeat visitors. This is because they provide great content that helps establish customer loyalty.

What about the search engines?

Google and the other major search engines have been diligently working towards offering internet users better search results. They really do want individuals to be able to find the best possible content that is relevant to their searches. As the search engines become smarter, marketers who have been primarily focused on just marketing tactics instead of providing high quality content will soon find themselves lagging behind in the SERPs. Google has made many algorithmic changes to ensure that they can accurately measure the quality of a site’s content. For those who build their websites around high quality content and hold to SEO best practices, the site is going to do fine. But for those who major solely on SEO strategies with little regard to providing high quality content they will always be trying to catch up in the search engine rankings.

Good Content is Worth Sharing

Exposure is one of the essential elements to helping brands grow online. Since the web 2.0 world is full of social platforms that are conducive to sharing content it is important to create content that is worth sharing. In order to gain exposure for your brand or company it’s important to have shareable content online whether it’s on a blog or a website. Users tend to turn to various social media platforms when they find shareable content no matter what form it is in. Social media campaigns can be a key element in SEO efforts and a huge part of building relevant and valuable links. But it is not possible unless the audience is given something worthwhile to read, like, share or retweet. The importance of fresh, original and relevant content cannot be stressed enough. It is a site’s content that attracts and retains customers but it’s not a one-time gig. It is an ongoing process and a very necessary component of any web marketing plan. It’s imperative to consistently create relevant and valuable content that is kept up-to-date on your sites. Create content that is unique and use web design strategies that make content easy to share.

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