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How Write Website Content for Humans Not Search Engines

Keeping up with all the trends in SEO best practices can be difficult. It can seem like change is the only thing that remains constant in the online world. We know that the search engines are updating their algorithms for search rankings constantly. This just makes the SEO specialist need to stay up on the most current changes in order to maintain SEO best practices. It also offers protection from getting those dreaded penalties. Content is one of the areas that has been a top for several years. We know that there have been many changes in the way that the search engine looks at content and how it measures in the algorithms. There was a day when content, any content was good. But some of the most current trends in the ways the search engines look at content has some scratching their heads. It’s not okay to just put up content for the sake of having content on a site. It needs to meet certain criteria. Content has a distinct purpose and it’s not so the search spiders can “read” it. Content must be high quality and written for the human readers not computers.


Writing for Search Engines Secondly

It is very important to remember that a web site’s content is primarily for the humans; but you do want to keep the search engines in mind even though you are not writing content for them. Even though keywords do not work like they used to, it is still important to use the right terms and phrases in your content. Of course it must first make sense to the reader, but this allows the search engines to categorize the content and rightly identify the topic. The best advice concerning web content and the search engines is to totally forget that you are writing for SEO purposes. Web content should not be tailored around a specific keyword it should be centered around what your readers are looking for and needing on a particular topic. The search engines are looking for high quality content that is relevant to a topic. You want to create content that keywords fit nicely into rather than trying to fit your content around your keywords.


How do humans search?

An online search is really all about questions and answers and helping people find solutions to problems. When someone starts a search by typing in a word, phrase or concept into a search query they are looking for content that specifically answers their questions. All of the content on a site should be focused on answering questions for internet users and helping solve problems through providing correct and relevant information on a topic. Google is getting pretty good at doing what they do and they are still actively working to provide users and consumers with answers to their questions; hence all the changes. Older methods, even white hat SEO strategies are exactly that – old. Now it’s all about rewarding site visitors and potential customers with content that is meaningful, informative and relevant. The search engines will not penalize a site for this type of high quality content and the site will be rewarded for offering content to visitors that offer them real value.


Writing Content for the Right Audiences

Can content help increase your search rank? Yes, and it certainly won’t hurt it. High quality, informative and engaging content can help increase the number of visits you have to your site. Happy visitors are much more likely to convert than those who find irrelevant content. It is highly likely that a site will rank higher when the content is written to enhance the humans that visit it rather than please the search engines. Remember that a search engine cannot make a purchase on your site, but a human can. In order to increase a site’s conversion rates it is very important to know who it is you are trying to reach and exactly what they are looking for by visiting your site. Once you do a little research to determine the needs of your target audience, reach out to them with valuable content that is designed to meet their needs. This will help you establish trusting relationships with your clientele. When you write content that is relevant and useful, it will help pull in consumers which will help increase conversion rates as well as the site’s ranking in SERPs.

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