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Ways To Market Your Product Online


Product Marketing

If you do not have a website online where you sell products, there is no better time to start selling your products online than right now. Marketing a product these days is unlike it ever was before offline; it’s easier, quicker, you can reach people right in your area or across the world, and best of all its varietal meaning you have a lot of different ways and places TO market the product. There are really two ways of going about marketing your product online. If you are new to this and you have no idea what the terms SEO, social networking or backlinks mean; you are probably going to be better off hiring a digital marketing company. If you know what those terms are and you know some of the ways to market your product online, then the below information might lean towards more of what you need. Either route you decide to take is going to depend on your knowledge, financial capabilities, time and of course a little patience.

– Social Networking:

Above all and beyond, Social Networking on the three big names is going to be an important aspect to marketing your product. Any top SEO firm will tell you the same thing. The three important sites to join are:

1- Facebook

2- Twitter

3- LinkedIn

Each of these social sites has their own benefits so it’s a really good idea to get familiar with them and see why these are the top three sites. Of course your marketing efforts should not just be placed on these social sites either. There is a whole list of sites out there you can join, for free, to help with marketing and promotion such as Pinterest.

Email List:

Everything is revolved around the Internet these days anyway. So why not include a newsletter or email list on your website or blog to “capture” people’s emails that are interested in your service or niche? Having an email list is an extraordinary way to keep in touch with previous customers as well as reach out to new customers or potential customers. You can tell these people about old products, as well as new, and you can even create a “newsletter only discount” which allows these people that belong to your newsletter to get a discount on specific things you sell.


If you have a brick and mortar store that people can actually visit, you can use geolocation website tools like Foursquare to further your marketing efforts. These sites are a great way to also offer discounts or “deals” for your businesses and add promotions to your best customers or people that visit your shop often. Not only is this a great way to get/keep customers, but it also can create a buzz, which is always important when marketing a product. For example, if you have an SEO company in New Jersey, you can visit foursquare and add your business as well as targeted keywords to your profile like “SEO firm SEO Firm in NJ” and the likes.


No matter what anyone says, buying ads is always a good thing. One of the biggest reasons I personally like buying ads is because it gives you full control over your money. This way you can stay on budget and stay on point. Advertisements can literally be bought any on website, but I think most people have their successes and their fails. This means you are going to have to test some sites out and see where you get the best results from. If you have a really difficult time understanding PPC and how to set ads up, contact your local SEO specialist and they should be able to help you out. As for buying ads, these are the most popular sites to buy from:


-Facebook: Obviously this was going to be on the list. This is a great option for people that have fan pages and want to bring more views to a specific post, get more likes for a post, get more fan likes or just get more people on your fan page in general. Most ads start around $5 and go up to $1000. As said before, test it out and see what results you get. Remember to pick keywords and categories manually and not let Facebook do it for you!

-Twitter: Yes, twitter has its own self-serve ads. Twitter has quite a few more registered users than Facebook. So this is a good medium to test the waters and see what kind of a campaign you can run for your website and products.

-BuySellAds: A fantastic site that more people NEED to know about. BSA lets you buy ad space on relevant sites associated with your niche. For example, if you sell coffee, you might want to buy an ad on a coffee shop, a place that sells coffee cups, or a website that deals with people that like coffee. You would then buy an ad, they put it up for you and you see what results you get with that ad. You can buy from different niches; buy different ad space options, prices, clicks, members, etc. There are all sorts of criteria given so you make the best choice in which ad you purchase.

-Google: You can also buy ads from Google, but over the years they have changed their interface again and again. Because of this, you might get lost in all the jargon, sections, features, options, etc. if you really want to try Google out and you want to see what results you can get from ads featured on the sponsored results page when people do a search, its highly advised you hire a digital marketing company to help you along the way. It CAN get very confusing.

Of course there are more than 100 ways to market a product online, but these are just a few of the top ways to get started. Always remember this: never put all of your eggs into one basket. Always keep track of your marketing efforts if you are using multiple platforms. And always remember to be patient; this is not something that happens overnight. It takes time, sometimes 6 months to really start seeing results. Don’t give up!

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