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Cool Social Platforms for SEO

It can be very easy for the SEO company to become short sited in the use of social media. The online social world has been overshadowed by some of the giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These of course all have a place in a social media marketing campaign but just because they are leading social sites does not mean that they are the best to use for an SEO campaign. There are also numerous lesser known social media platforms that can be used by in an SEO campaign. Although they are not as well known as some of the giants they can be very useful tools for businesses. Here are a few not-as-well-known social platforms that are worth taking a look at for today’s cutting edge business. 

Mostly Overlooked – Tumblr

Promoting online content today is a prime concern for online marketers. Tumblr is a social network which is commonly overlooked but this social platform can be a great strategy for SEO and SMM. Tumblr is kind of a unique combination of a blog and a social site. Think of it like combining Facebook and WordPress. The platform is a great blogging site but contains all the features that are common to social sites like liking, sharing… It is basically a high powered blogging platform that contains build in social functions that has incredible potential to go viral. Since the pages are “dofollow” it offers the opportunity for authority, page rank and natural link building. Posting on Tumblr on a regular basis can help you build strong generic backlinks to your site and promote your brand and content online.

Professional Video Marketing – Vimeo

If your SEO strategy includes video marketing it is worth your time to investigate Vimeo. This social site bears some similarity to the very popular YouTube. However, literally everyone is on YouTube and anyone can post anything on YouTube. Vimeo is a more sophisticated and professional platform. A solid video marketing strategy might consider using a combination of the two for greater reach, but for those who want to reach the professional community with informative video content, Vimeo is the way to go 

Professional Presentations – Slideshare

Slideshare can be a useful tool in the marketing world as well as for the SEO company. Slideshare is a great way to distribute presentations. For instance, perhaps a colleague designed an effective PowerPoint for a class or speaking engagement. They can upload the presentation to Slideshare and increase its reach ability. It can be used during the actual presentation such as a webinar or sales presentation meeting. By using Slideshare to distribute presentations following a meeting the information becomes more accessible and shareable. The information contained in the Slideshare presentation is easily shared on other platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The best way to describe Slideshare is it’s like putting PowerPoint presentation online for all to see and all to share socially.

Audio Files and Productions – Soundcloud

Soundcloud is one of the latest social platforms that allows users to create and share audio. It does not have to be musically oriented either. Soundcloud is frequently used by podcasters and even radio programs to store and archive all of their programs. Musicians in particular use Soundcloud to host their work while it is in progress. They can then post their final production as well once it has been completed. It is best described as a platform to store and share audio files and presentations.

Image Based Platform – Behance

Behance is another network that is image based similar to Instagram and Pinterest. The platform is designed to be a socially based community for those who are in the field of visual creativity. There are many professionals and amateurs who share illustrations, photos, graphic designs and art of varied forms. The site contains over 60 categories which include cartoons, animation, automotive design, fashion and culinary arts for example. The artist can create an online portfolio of their work and then integrate it into other social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The stored artwork can also be integrated into a personal or business site. Behance is an excellent tool for sharing visual arts, showing off your own work and developing relationships with other visually creative individuals and freelancers.

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