Before children can read a single word, they know that there is food nearby when they see the golden arches. This is an excellent example of successful branding. It may be a jingle, a logo or a slogan that makes an individual think of a particular company; but branding is all about building that type of association between consumer and business.

What is Branding?

A brand offers consumers an image or idea about a certain product so that they can associate it with the company. Branding can take many different forms but in general it is marketing an idea or image that makes the consumer identify it with a product or service. What do you think about when you see the golden arches? It is likely a Big Mac. Branding is about building brand recognition, building a good business reputation. It is a very important aspect of web marketing as it helps to develop a company’s reputation such that there is more revenue. To the business person, successful marketing means when an individual sees their brand anywhere they immediately identify it with the company. It is not so much about just getting potential consumers to see the company, but more about getting them to see the company as a solution to their problem.

Objectives of Branding

A solid branding campaign will deliver a very clear message to consumers and it will confirm the credibility of the company or product. A well designed logo or slogan can establish a solid connection with consumers and it can also motivate buyers. Brands can also seal user loyalty. Not only does branding help a company establish a good reputation, it can be useful for helping them expand beyond original products or services which will help increase the revenue that was generated by the original brand.

Building a Brand

There are many aspects to a branding campaign but a few details are essential. It is important to match brand names and domain names so that it builds consistency. Establishing a brand name which coordinates with the company’s domain name can be very beneficial to the SEO campaign as well as it makes it easier for search engines to connect the two. This makes it easier for consumers to recognize and find a business online. Once a solid connection is made with customers, it is easier to keep them and branding is an essential part of this process. Having a solid brand gives customers something to connect with on a day by day basis.

Choosing a Brand

When a consumer sees a brand they should think about a particular company. It is important to choose a brand which fits with the company image. For instance, a silly cartoon is not fitting for a law firm. Choose something which represents the company and make sure it fits. The name is also very important as it is essential to have a brand name that is easy to remember and one that is easy to spell as well. Don’t make it difficult for consumers. Logos, brands, or slogans should be user friendly. Run the name or brand across a few different people before adopting it officially. Some slogans can come across as demeaning or degrading. Sometimes the wording can be condescending. Therefore it is important to get plenty of feedback before releasing it publically. It would be awful for the company to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Make sure each word is spelled correctly and there are no glaring mistakes as these can be damaging to the business reputation and turn people away.  It is essential to spend adequate time developing the brand for a company so that it will have the intended positive impact on consumers.



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