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What is the Best Blogging Platform for SEO?

Blogs have become a great way to express thoughts, promote, create an internet presence, and publish content. Using a free blogging platform like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Jux, and Tumblr, make publishing your blogs easy. Here is some in depth information on the best blogging platform for your SEO strategy and some tips on customizing and personalizing it.

When trying to figure out what is the best platform to run your websites blog on, you are confronted with many options. The spokesperson from Google, Matt Cutts, stated that WordPress was made to do SEO well. Coming from someone at Google, the advice should be well worth looking into. Here are some reasons that WordPress is the best blogging platform when it comes to SEO.

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress creates a perfect and efficient framework to start everything off with. Google’s bots will have no trouble working their way through your site and finding what they need. It provides a good web site, out of the box. The code for WordPress is WC3 compliant as well. The coding of your pages is perfect, every time.

For the Love of Content

It is really easy to add new content to WordPress. In a couple of hours, anyone can learn how to use WordPress by watching a few videos. There is a lot of free training information, but the program is really not that hard to understand. You will be able to do just about anything you want like adding content, adding photos, and adding videos, to WordPress.

Developer Community

There are hundreds of thousands of people who donate to the WordPress community every day. It is open source and free, for the most part. Thousands of themes have been created by users to make your blog look perfect. After installing WordPress, it is as easy as picking a theme, hitting one button, and making the site look completely different. You can change how it looks, the size of the frame, how the site feels, and swap out colors quickly and easily. There are tons of themes which is a huge benefit. They even have a few for sale that will make your website look stunning and beautiful.


Being an open source project really lets the consumer pick up the process and create extensions and plug-ins that can do just about anything. You can quickly insert a user poll, content forms, and even a rating scale. There are even plug-ins that checks your SEO and helps to optimize it. There are over two hundred thousand different plug-ins for WordPress that you can choose from to adjust various parts of your website. One plug-in that is exceptionally useful that lets you add YouTube galleries to your site. It pulls all the YouTube videos with a particular subject and dumps it into your website in five seconds.


Even though this program is easy to use, the support for WordPress is just unbelievable. If you have any issues you can discuss them with a huge online development community. Often, you can ask a question and have it answered in a matter of minutes. You should never get stuck on anything, but it is good to know that you have a huge community of people just like you willing to help.

One Click Installation

WordPress started out by having to have you set up your install on an FTP. This will give your website somewhere to grow. But now, with WordPress, you have to hit a single button on your domain, give your blog a name, and in less than a minute later, your WordPress blog is ready to go.

The best blogging platform for your digital marketing strategy is definitely WordPress. The reasons that it beats out the rest comes down to how easy it is to use, how quickly you can have your blogs posted, the development community, the amount and quality of plug ins, the unbelievable support from the community, and the simplicity of a one click installation. It will not take you long at all to have your blog completely set up and customized to exactly how you like it.

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