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Top Physician Evaluation Websites

SEO for Doctors

PEW stands for Physician Evaluation Websites. There are numerous PEW websites which offer evaluations about physicians and their services. Consumers, or patients, are allowed to leave reviews about their physicians on these sites. The goal is to help develop more of a transparency between physicians and patients. While there are many different types of online reviews that span everything from hotel service, food service and local businesses, it has only been recently that physicians were also being reviewed via online resources.

Why PEWs?

Finding reviews about physicians can be very beneficial for patients who are looking for a physician. Today’s modern patient is looking for a lot out of their physicians and they have high expectations from the medical community. Patients want and need a lot from their physicians. They want a doctor who will spend adequate time listening to them, who makes correct diagnosis, can spend the time to education them about prevention or treatment options, and be empathetic. Physician Evaluation Websites offer a platform for patients to share how they evaluated their physician-patient correspondence and express how they felt about the medical services and attention they received under a specific doctor’s care.

How Write Website Content for Humans Not Search Engines

Keeping up with all the trends in SEO best practices can be difficult. It can seem like change is the only thing that remains constant in the online world. We know that the search engines are updating their algorithms for search rankings constantly. This just makes the SEO specialist need to stay up on the most current changes in order to maintain SEO best practices. It also offers protection from getting those dreaded penalties. Content is one of the areas that has been a top for several years. We know that there have been many changes in the way that the search engine looks at content and how it measures in the algorithms. There was a day when content, any content was good. But some of the most current trends in the ways the search engines look at content has some scratching their heads. It’s not okay to just put up content for the sake of having content on a site. It needs to meet certain criteria. Content has a distinct purpose and it’s not so the search spiders can “read” it. Content must be high quality and written for the human readers not computers.