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Simple Tricks and Hacks to Promote a Facebook Fan Page

Getting people to visit your Facebook Fan page may be proving to be one of the most difficult things you have to do.  Don’t worry, we all go through this. Trying to find new and outlandish ways to get people to your page is something that every single brand goes through unless you are someone like Arhaus or Nike (unfortunately!).  Thankfully, there are some things you can do to promote your page off-site.  Off-site versus onsite is very different.  Choosing onsite promotion is easy because you can choose the suggest to friends option, you can buy likes to your page via the Facebook self-serving ads program and you can hold contests to get people to like the page.  Off site is a little more difficult, but can be more rewarding if you do it right.  If all else fails and you have tried everything, do yourself a favor and hire a top SEO form to help you figure out ways to promote the page and essentially get more views, more likes and more engagement.  Before you do all that though, check out the options below to make sure you covered all of your bases.


Cross Promotion

Chances are if you are a business, you probably have more than one social account such as LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter.  You can actually use all of these websites to cross promote all of these sites!  Go to Twitter, let people know you just posted a new post on Facebook and give them a little snippet about the post.  It might seem really easy, like too easy, but it actually works.  The reason is because of the followers you have on Facebook versus Twitter tends to be very different.  On one fan page I have, I have almost 500 likes which probably seems measly.  On Twitter I have over 4K people following me and you can get that only a quarter of the people on twitter actually like my fan page on Facebook.  So let it be known that you do have a fan page and if people find what you say interesting, that they can like the page.


Producing Great Content

Obviously it’s really important to create quality content on your fan page, but it’s also important to create quality content on your blog AND allow people to be aware of your social profiles on those blogs.  One thing to try is add a widget to your blog on the side of the page that shows people where your sites are i.e.;,, etc.  If people like your content enough, they should be more than willing to want to see what you also have to say on Facebook.  If they like THAT content enough, who knows, maybe they will follow you on twitter or like your page on Facebook.  Remember that blog content shouldn’t always be so me me me, you also need to help people.  Consider doing how to blogs, answering questions from support emails, answering questions about the products/services you have, etc.


Add the URL to Your Marketing Materials

Everyone thinks that offline marketing is not working these days, but that’s not true.  In fact, any kind of marketing is helpful whether it be online or offline.  But, if you are doing offline marketing such as business cards and pamphlets or buying ad space in the newspaper or buying a billboard, always make sure you include your Fan Page url, your hashtag (if you have one) and your website url.  Before the sonic boom of the internet, people used these outlets regularly and they always worked for them so just because we live in a technologically driven world today filled with twitter accounts and internet speeds, doesn’t mean offline still isn’t hard at work.  Don’t give into just one form of marketing unless it’s really working for you.  Try 2-5 options instead.


Join LinkedIn Groups

Some of the LinkedIn groups are, well, crap.  But, some of them are filled with genuine people just like yourself that want to network, meet new people (businesses and consumers alike).  You would be surprised at the results you get when you join a group on LinkedIn and really are genuine about the nature of the platform, talking to people, getting to know their businesses, etc. at the results you can get to your Social sites.  People that get to know you will be more likely to choose to like your fan page because they feel a human connection with you.  Note:  This does take longer than any of the options above, because you can’t just post 2 posts and be done with it, but if it works it could be very rewarding.

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