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What is Content Marketing?

Are you content with your content? No? Shame on you! Content marketing has become quite possibly the most important promotional tool in the modern business world. If you aren’t doing it, then you aren’t doing business. And if you are, but your content isn’t what it should be, then neither are your profits. Promoting your business via content marketing is taking over just about every industry nationwide and globally, and its importance is only getting stronger. The big guys are doing it, and so should you. As an SEO strategy, it can help you get your website to the top of the page rankings, and it can drive more customers into your store. Good content … really good, relevant stuff … is what drives customers to your brand. It can grow a customer base like nobody’s business. But content marketing is your business … and you know why? Because your competitors are using it to gain an edge over you. So, what exactly is content marketing? And why should you use it to promote your business?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is nothing new. It’s been around a long time. One of the differences between today’s content marketing and yesterday’s, though, is that today’s businesses require it, since consumers are now bombarded with ads that they pay little attention to anymore. With the advent of the internet has come a continuous onslaught of spam and other online ads that consumers have become schooled in ignoring. Content marketing is different because it promotes your business via relevant content that engages potential customers to read about, and pay attention to, your brand. Using content to attract clients is different from using traditional ads because, with it, you’re engaging your target audience, not through a quick advertisement that consumers most likely will bypass, but with informative content. It’s like an infomercial that they’ve purposely stopped on because of its enticing, informative style.

Face it, few people pay attention to ads or commercials. This has been the case forever in advertising, but these days it’s even harder to get your brand in front of people because it’s easier than ever to sidestep those ads. Most people, when they watch a TV show, record it these in order to bypass commercials. And most people who read magazines or newspapers ignore the ads altogether. Content marketing seeks to intrigue customers enough to get them to read an article, blog, or newsletter that will inform and educate them. The content can talk about an aspect of your business or industry that will help customers in some way. It can answer questions they have. And it can ultimately point them to your business.

There are many forms of content marketing, including webcasts and Podcasts, newsletters, mobile apps, articles, online communities, websites, videos, and more. The purpose of content marketing is to draw customers to your business, engage them to read or watch informational material, inform them on various aspects of your business and industry, and change the way they buy. With engaging, relevant, and valuable content, they’re interested in learning more, and it’s all designed to showcase your business. And content marketing is one of the top SEO trends in business today. SEO experts are utilizing it to build brands and promote businesses involving a number of online marketing tools, including blogs, social media, and websites.

What it means

Content marketing has become widely popular and utilized among some of the most successful and recognized brands in the world, reason being it informs consumers and changes how they buy. Like an infomercial, content marketing’s strength is its ability to draw in consumers and keep them engaged long enough to read an article or blog post, navigate an app, or watch a video. Your content has so intrigued, and perhaps even educated them, on an aspect of your industry, that now they subscribe to your regular email, they visit your website on a routine basis, and they eventually begin buying your product. It’s a soft-sell technique that does more than just sell. It’s designed to attract customers who want to interact, have their questions answered, provide feedback, and create a lasting relationship. There’s no radio commercial to turn away from; there’s no newspaper ad to ignore; there’s no TV commercial to skip to get something to eat. And your content is so captivating that they want to read it. Your video is so entertaining or enlightening, that they don’t look away. That’s what content marketing is, and that’s what it does. It brings potential customers to you with relevant, informative content that holds their attention and ultimately points to your business. It’s one of the most profitable promotional mechanisms ever. It can drive traffic to your website, draw customers into your business, cultivate your customer base, and increase your revenues.

The simple fact is that content marketing is blowing up the business world. From huge corporations to one-person offices, successful companies worldwide have learned to engage customers with relevant, informative, and useful content that captures their attention and doesn’t let go. SEO experts recommend utilizing it to optimize your search engine results and page views. Of course, you don’t have to use content marketing to build your brand … and your competitors will thank you.

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