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Can I Do SEO Myself?

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If you own a website, and you have not hired a SEO company to help with your digital marketing strategy, then you should look into doing some of your own SEO strategy, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO can help create traffic to your website of customers that are interested in your product. It is quite possible to create SEO for your website without the use of an digital marketing company in New Jersey, but it is also possible to be your own dentist and pull your own teeth as well. In both cases, users will likely experience less pain and better results by hiring a professional to take care of what they do best.

What is SEO?

If you do not already know, Search Engine Optimization is the process in which you assure your website is placed higher in the search engine results than that of your closest competitors. Most searches that are done use Google, MSN, or Yahoo, while Google has such a strong hold on the search engine market that many tips for SEO strategy are geared toward it. To understand how it works, you must understand how a search engine chooses its results.

Organic Results Vs. Paid Results

On Google, paid results generally show up at the top before any search results and along the right side of the screen. These companies pay Google to show a link to their sites on searches that are relevant to what the web site deals with. This is viewed by millions every day and can generate a lot of traffic to a business’s web site. On the other hand, the organic search results show up below the paid results and are chosen by the search engine based on the words that you search for. It is of the utmost importance that you get your business on the first page of organic search results because many internet users will not look past the first few results.

How Do I Get My Website to the Top of the Organic Search Results?

With internet users that have such a short attention span, it is of great importance that you get your website placed as high as possible in the organic search results. This will most likely result in an increase in traffic to your web site and increased sales for your business. Organic search engine optimization begins with understanding the formulas that get used by search engines to  determine a sites rank. You must pick keywords, or the terms that users search for, to target new web viewers.

How Do You Pick Keywords?

You must decide what keywords will attract the best customers to your site. You must also take into account what other websites are using as keywords as well. The best results come from finding popular keywords that few websites are using. The algorithms that search engines use are updated and changed constantly so the organic results can change frequently.

So What Do You Do?

After you have chosen what keywords you think search engine users might search for to find your page, you must create custom content with these keywords imbedded in. This custom content will add a lot of pages to your site that can be found by Google and direct users to your product. By taking these steps to improve SEO yourself, you may be able to save some money that you would spend on professionals. But you may be losing money when compared to what an SEO professional can do to make your website better.


If you have still decided that you want to create the custom content for your website and figure out the SEO optimization on your own, here are a few tips that will get you rolling. First, the right keywords are crucial when it comes to good SEO. Having the right domain name is also an important factor. When you create folders and file names for things on your site, try to use the keywords in them as well. Keyword navigation in your text is another good route. You will constantly need to create new content with keywords to ensure your high rankings. Making the keywords part of your META descriptions can boost results, too. Instead of using the text “click here” for links, use the keywords in place of them. The last tip is to create a good site map and keep everything on your site in good order.

Search Engine Optimization is a great online marketing tool that has become the best way to attract new customers to your website. By creating custom content with specific keywords meant to attract interested clients, you can generate more traffic for your website and increase sales. By working with a professional, likely the results will be even better. They know the ins and outs of the industry and will work to do what is best for your site.

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